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My wife was given a 96 pathfinder, it has problems and we just have to get them fixed. Really only main issues

1st, they broke the key fob, so the alarm is stuck in siren mode from what I understand. Atm the battery is dead so this isn't an issue, but is there a way I can disarm the alarm once I get a new battery, so that I can get a replacement fob and program it to work? Is there another option, I don't really need the alarm, so I could remove it, however I don't mind spending $50 or so to get it right

2nd, the bigger issue, this truck is from up north, lots of salt, was used for driving on bad roads, etc. The exhaust system is gone from about the rear passenger seat back, nothing there at all. I called a muffler guy, he said he wasn't sure but thought that there might be 2 converter boxes 1 for each side that I would have to replace, this sounded like dual exhaust to me. Anyhow he said take it in and he could look and see but I might be looking at spending 1700 or more, does that sound right?

thats what it looks like from the rear of the vehicle

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