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After putting my B12 on the shelf for awhile, I'm getting back into it. I just moved to Springville, TN and have a nice large shop to tinker around in. I know a few of you are close to me!

Anyways, I'm getting closer to spraying my B12 and I'm looking to change over to the "stubby" bumpers that were available to the rest of the world. Amber corners, a sunny grill, and other overseas goodies would be nice...but the bumpers are almost a must. Pic enclosed for reference:

Thanks for guys have always been great...

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You're not that far from my family up in Clarksville, probably an hour and a half away, maybe more? I know a few other users here are in Tennessee as well; Akexnads is up in Sevierville and greenbeans669 is in Newport. Both are a ways off in East Tennessee. CampgroundMan lives in southern Kentucky also not that far from Knoxville, or so I assume since he references getting work done there. You're best bet is to get contacts overseas for those body parts, and have them shipped to you.

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i have tried, mostly in vain, to get contacts in the philippines for the bumpers. it has taken me years. ur best bet is the philippines for standard bumpers. for the front bumper pictured, to my knowledge is only available in japan.

sunnyca18de cant get u sedan bumpers, as the sedan was not imported to europe, only the wagon and sport coupe

if u can get a way to bring these bumpers into the country, let me know. if u can get the items shipped for under $1000, ur probably on the right track.

another angle is mexico. they have short bumpers, but only the 88 and earlier style, which is exactly like all our bumpers, only substantially smaller. the ones in your pics are for 89-91

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