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So the Z that I bought as a rolling chassis has the engine broken in and running good, but I don't know what to limit the boost at. The previous owner ran 12psi on pump gas and 17psi on race fuel, even though the enginge is supposibly capable of running 21psi. At 12psi my EGT is about 830degC. The 12 and 17 psi boost limits seem extremely conservative to me. It seems to me that I could be safely running around 16psi on pump gas. I can monitor EGT via both exhast banks and can use my Blitz i-color to measure power. Can some one help me figure out what to set my boost controller at? Here is a list of engine mods:

Balanced and blueprinted engine originally built by Sunbelt
JWT Sport 500 turbos
Nismo 555cc fuel injectors
VG30DETT block bored 0.5mm over
9.0:1 compression ratio
Swain ceramic coated 87.5mm Nissan pistons
Cometic 88mm MLS head gasket
5 angle valve job
ported and polished heads
ARP bod bolts
Custom ground cams
performance valve springs
cam timing set to Sunbelt race specs
Dual K-type thermocouple EGT probes
NGK R PRF7B-11 spark plugs
Dual JWT POP charger
JWT low speed drivability upgrade kit
Dual K&N Air filters
HKS dual side mount intercoolers
HKS Sequential BOVs
Z1 motorsports divorved downpipes
Random technology catalitc converter midpipes / gutted
Stillen stainless steel cat-back exhaust
Custom tuned JWT ECU
Greddy turbo timer
Blitz SBC i-color electronic boost controller
Temperature controller set reading both EGT probes

Any knowlewdge on this would be greatly appreciated.

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If I remember correctly you want to run your EGTs between 750-850 deg. Did someone tune your chip or is it a cookie cutter program from JWT? I'd stick with the 12-17 psi on pump gas. Also your compression is higher so lower boost would be the way to go on pump gas.

You got a nice setup there. Any pics?

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From what I was told from the previous owner that Sunbelt in Atlanta tuned or had JWT tune the ECU for this engine when Sunbelt built it. I found buried in a bunch of receipts notes about having Sunbelt build the engine around the JWT Sport 500's.

You can see pics of the car at <>
Their is a lot of wrong info about the car on the webpage, primarily in the manufacture of a handful of performance parts.
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