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Hey ppl i gotta i took my roomates pulsar (hasent moved in months) to work one cold alberta day and it made it there fine...when i was leaving work it stalled for no reason?? n e ways i was on the highway everything seemed alright then started hearing this faint high pitched grinding noise...i though it was a truck or something going bye then it started to get louder and i could eventually feel it so i started to slow down then all the sudden there was a somewhat boom and it was grinding like crazy so i pulled over and was on the side of the road...i tried to start driving i could get to 3rd then it would pop out...and eventually stopped moving alltogether.. so i went back to try to get it later on that night when there was less trafic and i would put the car in gear and it will not move nor stall out. but i can hear some grinding when i let go of the clutch but theres not even a bit of movement.. cars a junker but its not mine so i should fix it b4 buddy comes back now the question clutch or tranny?

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You just described what it is like when a 5 speed transmission chewes itself up. Most likely a roller bearing came loose from the diffrential and wrecked havoc on the gearbox. The easiest way to know for sure is to drain the transmission and see what the oil looks like. I would bet that the transmission oil is full of metal.
so i should start by checkin the tranny oil? my buddy just took his se-r tranny last week kinda same problem so he dropped the tranny and oil was full with metal
Your friends don't seem to have good luck with transmissions...

Yes start with the basics like the transmission oil, and outer CV axle joints, engine mounts/bolts and shifter linkages. You would not want to drop the transmission just to find out that is was something else simple.
If you can put the car up on stands and have a good look underneath for anything broken or loose it would be best before digging too deep.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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