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Ok I bought this car for 700 bux it ran like shit at first then I cut the cat off changed wires plugs oil & filter disturber cap and rooter button. Ran great for like a month the brakes were tight I let my ol lady drive it and a car pulled out in front of her and she slammed the brakes and it popped and were easier to push didn't think nuttin about it at the time but about a week later it started cutting out on me the as time went by it got worse it was smoking get it to like 50 mph and it would just drop on its face to like 20 then it started drinking gas I would fill it up and go like 90 miles and be empty so I took it to a guy to work on it he checked timing its good getting a steady flow of fuel compression is good spark is good run sea foam through it did not change he said he wanted to try one more thing and gave it a vacuum leak well he pulled the vacuum off the brake booster it ran better not good but better found out its got a bad booster so until I buy the booster we just rerouted the vacuum leak so that it does run to get me back in forth to work but there are cretin times when I can punch on it and the engine revs but doesn't pull I asked a buddy and he said he thinks its not got a nuff force to kick tranny in to next gear another buddy says tranny going bad looking for some advice on all the above and do u think that brake booster is causing all these problems??????

Thanks for all your help
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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