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I searched through the forum and still couldn't find exact details on what I needed.

I found the green wire that was crucial. Installing the positive is what I have a little trouble with. My tachometer came with a positive, negative, a wire to the ignition coil, and a wire to control brightness. I read in another thread that you can connect the positive lead to the fuse box inside the car. I'm confused as to what in the fuse box exactly you connect it to.

I want to find a way to connect the positive lead to something w/o having to solder anything. The reason for that is, I only have 2 red clamp-on thingies that allow me to connect wires together w/o soldering, and I need them for the connection to the ignition coil and the light dimmer. If there's a place where I can buy more of these, than, that would also help as well.
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