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So this is a continuation of my gf's nissan hell from months ago but I will cut that all out and get to it. Two mechanics have come to the conclusion that the ecu was damaged and is incorrectly reading specific values from sensors (all the sensors I replaced) and the major one being the O2 sensor to determine air/fuel ratio. So the car drives like crap and I need a replacement incase this new car loan goes down the crapper. Ebay has nothing, and the local parts shop wants to send it out for 2 weeks to get rebuilt. Some of the online stores dont have it, any ideas? Maybe someone has a golden website or something! I have replaced so many parts on this car I just want this running right again cause I know she has got thousands of miles left in her.

2000 Nissan Sentra GXE Automatic 1.8ltr
Nissan Part#23740-5M273
Cali emissions (wtf we live in NY)
No alarm system
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