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Hello peolple, well, i`m invloved in a very interest proyect, a bugy baja 1000 class 10 car, right now the car has a bettle 1600 cc engine, running with a weber 44, but now, he want`s more power, of course, I adviced the sr20de, so it`s on it`s way, I made a setup for that engine, I need to know what you think peolple..

-Stock JDM sr20de.
-custom base and housing for the weber 44.
-the carb base is going to be plugged to the stock intake of the sr20de with a coupler..
-MSD 6 AL with Accel spark plug wires set to 7000 rpm.
-custom made or maybe some hot shot 2 1/2 headers.
-a flow master.
-A breaker less distribuitor and an adapter to make it fit on the head.
-custom made adapter plate for the bug tranny.
-stock sr20de flywheel and clutch.
-aluminum Radiator.

I have calculated that the weber delivers 550 cc of gas per minute, so it can be compared with the 257cc that the stock inyectors delivers, I know that EFI it`s better but for the category this car is going to run, does not allow EFI, a higher category does, so, the next setup will be.

-JDM SR20DE motor.
-forged pistons with 10.5:1 or 11:1 CR.
-bigger oil pump.
-EFI of course..
-370cc inyectors.
-Greddy fuel controller with the EO1 or JWT reprogramed ECU.
-Nology wires.
-valve Job with some porting and polish.
-metal head gasket.

remember that this angines are runnning at least 12 hrs at WOT under heady pressure, hill, sand, etc., so it`s a perfect choice to run an sr20de.

Question: with the fisrt setup, I`ve calculated some 180 hp with some 177 of torque, maybe some more, i need you to tell me what you guys think.

About the second setup, wheel it`s going to take time and money, so we are going to start working on that next year, before the new race season..

this is the car

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