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i can relate mayn

i got my Z a couple months back from this old rich doctor guy who never drove it for 2 years (check my posts for full details...ITS CRAZY!!!)....i bought it as is cus for a 1990 300zx N/A with 96,000 on it and for $2500...seemed to me as a steal at the time...but when i had to get maintenance pockets really broke.....again..if u can check my posts about the Z you could see the hell i went thru...oh an about the gas being in there for 2+ years....same thing happened to me and i needed a new gas tank....cus when i touched the old gas tank with the gas evaporate...i literally grabbed a handful of dust/rust more like sand...a great car but heavy on the pocket....i noe this is a long reply...but i thought i might put in my 2 cents.

and last...damn is it a great car now..(a little reassurance) lol
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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