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bussardnr said:
no the rubber thing in this pic
the guy at kyb said thier seat cushions and i can get them from a dealer
They're actually made of a really thin rubber that deteriorate to nothing pretty easily. They serve only two purposes too:

1. To keep the spring and strut from sliding around and rubbing the paint off of eachother.

2. To keep the spring from rusting onto the strut as a result of 1.

Because those reasons aren't really structural, you can safely substitute them with a thin walled rubber hose. Cut off a piece of hose long enough to cover the entire coil which contacts the spring seat, slide it on the spring, the mount the spring to the seat.

Some people seem to be cutting up garden hoses for this, but I have been able to find similar thickness & diameter hoses at a local hardware store. Just don't stick fuel line hose (or any other hose which are really thick) on there, because that can create a gap between the spring and the spring seat (which will lead to clunking noises).

If you really want to go with factory Nissan stuff, email Courtesy, Mossy, and Everything Nissan and ask them for quotes. I don't see the part in any of their online catalogs, and I have never heard of anyone who's needed that part before, but they'll look it up for you if you ask them.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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