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Need a CA18DE stock CHIP image

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Hi, i have made it and my friend bought also a 200SX RS13 with a CA18DET engine, the big problem is that the car has no turbo (the engine is the CA18DET but the turbo was damaged and never replaced)

anyway now the car run without a turbo, and it runs like hell i think the ECU sends a lot of fuel to the engine

anyway i thought that if we put untill he get a turbo (will take some months untill we will get a new turbo) to put on the car a chip from a CA18DE, maybe this way the car will run better on revs higher then 3000rpm

anyoane can give me an image of a CHIP from a stock CA18DE engine
i have eprom writer/reader i have UV lamp to erase.....

i only need an image
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