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Hello all - have a current 90 day trial of XM.

When listening to FM radio, the lower right knob (tune) will change station up from 94.1.....94.3......94.5.... to 94.7 for instance.

Now, when listening to XM, the Seek/Channel up-down button directly ABOVE the tune knob changes the category.... i.e. Dance/Elec.... Hip Hop..... Pop etc

Now, the instruction manual states the TUNE knob (opposite VOLUME and in lower right) should change the station in each category...... i.e. Hip Hop starts at 68 heat, go down to 67 city, down to 66 shade 45......

Both the Seek/Channel up-down button and below it, TUNE knob, ONLY change category. In three days time I have found NO way to access anything other than ONE channel per category.

I have determined I only have a VERY limited preview of SAT radio in this car - my previous Porsche, MB, etc had full channel lineup --OR--
The alternative - the actual unit is defective BUT keep in mind it works perfect in AM and FM mode to achieve the manual tuning effect.

Thanks in advance!!
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