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hey there. ive got a na RB30 auto that wont rev past 2250 without dropping out. only happens when in gear and when the air is warm though.

the engine dies, and drops to 1500rpm but if you take your foot off, you can get it to build revs back up to 2250, but if you hold your foot flat and keep it there when it drops out, it goes in spurts. it doesnt ever cut out completely.

when its cold it runs like a dream. ive taken it to hungry jacks tonight and had no worries but i tried to take it for a test drive today at 10am and it was farked.

so now at this point ive done these things:

-checked fuel pressure, and its within specs outlined in haynes manual.

-ive tried a new afm

-its got a month old CAS

-it has a month old coil

-ive got a new ignition module.

-new dizzy cap and rotor

-ive opened and contact cleaned every block connector in the engine bay

-ive installed 2 new fuel filters in parallel.

-ive replaced the ecu

ive checked fault codes and they are 14, 23, 24, 31. nothing else

any other suggestions would really be appreciated as i'm at my wits end with this thing.
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