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just thought i'd show you all what ive been doing these weekends. this is a combination of mine/one of my friends AIRSOFT (NOT REAL) guns. the first 5 are 640x480 (yea, 56k fun). the last 3 are the gigantic pics when i didn't change the option on the camera. but you can see them a lot better.

pic 1
pic 2
pic 3


bigger pics
pic 4
pic 5
pic 6

the Famas f1 and the USP tactical are mine. the MC51 (looks like an mp5), the beretta, and the aug are a friend of mines, and the SG552 and SW40 belong to 2 other friends.

this isnt even including an m16a2, and mac11.

Edit: img station is being a bit weird. if it shows an X, if you right click and go to show picture it usually shows up.

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i dont like paintball b/c
1. more expensive
2. the guns dont look realistic.

"Why would i wanna run around dressed like a rainbow with guns that look like plumbing" :p just a quote haha

in general only me and a few friends go. there are leagues but they're more serious and they have realistic scenarios. ive heard of a few night operations myself. they also wear like tactical gear like vests and helmets and camo and all that. plus they have an actual place to play, whereas we just go to a paintball field and get on whatever's available.

the downside to airsoft is you can't really tell when someone's "out" til they call it. thats why i play with people i know. essentially it'd be like people wiping off the paint after they're hit and continuing to play. but yea its still fun. our guns are all electric except the pistols which use green gas. overall the cost is a lot cheaper vs a good paintball set up. we also just use regular PB masks (which are required).

no doubt paintball is fun, but too expensive for my tastes and the feel of my real weight USP is just Nice :) nothing like gas blowback
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