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I'm selling the car for personal reasons. Mostly because I don't have the time for something like this and can't give it the attention it deserves. There are minor problems, but nothing that can't easily be fixed. I also have most of the parts needed sitting in the garage.

Year: 1992
Make: Nissan
Model: Sentra SE-R
Color: Black

Body and paint:

The body itself is in good condition. Paint needs some TLC.

The previous owner installed '94 SE-R headlights and grill.

Front windshield is cracked.

Motor and performance modifications:

Engine: U13 Bluebird SR20DET. Recent compression test showed 140 in each cylinder, which is the same as when I bought it.

T25 housing
T3 Super 60 compressor wheel
360* "big" bearing

Johnny Racecar FMIC
Greddy intercooler piping kit
Greddy Type S BOV (recirculated)
Custom aluminum intake
Nismo FPR
B&M FP gauge
NGK spark plug wires
ATS manual boost controller
Gotham battery relocation kit
DET valve cover painted black
JGY 2.25" crush bent downpipe (this thing sucks, but works)
3" CATCO high flow cat
3" VRS exhaust into 3" inlet/outlet Magnaflow muffler. This car sounds GOOD.
Walbro 255lph high flow fuel pump

Will add more as my memory clears.

FTF top feed fuel rail
MSD 72lb injectors
Z32 MAF, harness, and Trust mushroom filter
All of this is needed to be put on if you want to boost over 10psi.

Engine management:

Greddy E-manage. All of the harnesses are wired in. Using the stock B13 ecu with it.
Greddy turbo timer

The car needs to be tuned pretty badly. At 10psi it detonates so I returned it to stock boost (6.5psi). It did put down 241whp/242tq, though (at 10psi).

A word of advice. I would not bother tuning the car until you put the Z32 MAF, injectors, and fuel rail on. Again these parts must go on. Will explain later.


I have one of those amazing SE-R transmissions with NO fifth gear pop out. Using Redline tranny fluid. No grinds.

2001 SE-R disc
JWT pressure plate

Welded the transfer casing shut.

Suspension and wheels:

Wheels: Stock SE-R rims and some no name tires. Rims are black.


KYB AGX struts
H&R Sport springs
Moog ball joints
Energy Suspension urethane bushings. The entire front has been installed. The rears need to be done. They are still in the box.
Energy Suspension torque mounts

Front passenger side hub/bearing needs to be replaced.


NX2000 ADV22F brake calipers
Brembo rotors
Brand new brake pads


Recently replaced the front and rear seats with seats from a 94 SE-R. They are GREAT!
Autometer water temp gauge
Autometer boost gauge

The previous owner redid the roof liner in black tweed. There is one 5" cutout where he had a fifth speaker. It actually looks pretty good.

This car has NO radio, speakers, or AC.

All of the AC equipment is in the car, but it does not have freon. I do not know if the condenser works or if there are leaks because I have not bothered to fill it.

The climate control system in the car will probably need to be replaced. The fan stays on low all the time. This is an easy fix, but again I just don't have the time nor want to spend the money to replace it. I don't even notice it anymore anyway.

Misc problems and other pertinent info:

The car is not inspected. If you need it inspected I can refer you to several different people.

The car has no A/C or power steering. I have left both the pump and the condenser in the car. The PS reservoir was removed. I still have it. It was taken out because the pressure line busted about 2 days after I got the car running. All of that can easily be replaced.

Oil changed every 3k with synthetic oil. Last change was done with QS 10w30 synthetic.

I had to replace the gauge cluster so the mileage on it does not match the actual mileage on the car. I do know the mileage on the body is somewhere over 115k. The motor is JDM so no one is for sure what the mileage on it is.

Title is clear!

Remember this is a project car. That is what I wanted it to be but it turned into my daily driver. Up until recently it has been absolutely fantastic. It is not fantastic now because the current MAF is bad and runs good MOST of the time. Again I am supplying ALL of the necessary parts that will fix those problems. I just don't have the time to put them on and have the car retuned!

Car has dyno'd a best of 241whp and 242wtq.

I will post pics up later tonight or tomorrow. Lots of people have seen this car, ridden in it, etc. This is really hard for me to do, but it is something I have to do right now. This car has been my baby for the last 2 years. I, and others, have put countless hours into this car. I'll try and find some before and after pictures.

I am asking $4,000 obo. I need to sell this car asap so I am very reasonable. If you would like to come out and see it just PM me for my #, or if you already have my # just give me a call.


edit - Here are a couple pics:

I'll take current ones tonight

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tekmode said:
whats your asking price?
PeeDeeaRrr said:
I am asking $4,000 obo. I need to sell this car asap so I am very reasonable. If you would like to come out and see it just PM me for my #, or if you already have my # just give me a call.
There ya go :cheers:

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MrEous said:
There ya go :cheers:

rubedude - The right thing is to sell it...for now. Don't worry I always come back with something bigger and better.

Anywho $4kobo. I'm reasonable, but you better be too. I've added up about 3/4 of the receipts and I've spent over $12k on it. I know that means nothing for resale value, but it just gives you an idea of how much I've restored and the time invested.
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