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I've got a 93 Nissan NX 2000 and am brand new to these forums. My motivation to register and post a msg is due to a problem I'm having with my tachometer.

Currently, it doesn't work. Some of the time it either shows: proper RPM reading, no reading at all, or it bounces around erratically.

The dealer wants to charge me something insane like $80 an hour to "try" to diagnose it. i'm turning to this forum so maybe there is some insight on why this is happening.

I have recently replaced the starter and the battery if that gives anyone any insight here.


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Alright, so yours is an NX 2000 right? Head over to and post this over there too. I guess you could say they're the "SR20DE" specialists as you can tell by the name of the forum. And since your car has an SR in it...well then, ya know that kidn of makes sense. I always reccomend this site to newbie's and/or SR20 owners. It's a great site. Search over there and I'm sure your bound to find something of this nature.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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