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Well, Sortof ;)

After fighting with a bad fuel pump, bad starter, bad timing chain tensioner, and GOD KNOWS what all else, it's ALIVE!!!

We found that the car would sputter, and sputter and try to crank when the throttle was wide open, but not when the gas was released. I don't blame it. If I was a car that sat around for 2.5 years, I'd be finilky too! We looked around, and found tht the tensioner wasn't doing it's job, and the timing had jumped a tooth on the intake cam. Oops. Next, take the tensioner off the old motor. It worked like a champ.

We rebuilt the entire engine with a fresh polished .010 under crank, new bearings, new head gasket, old piston rings, and the entire engine was CLEANED CLEANED CLEANED. It looks pretty good, I think , for the mess it was in when I got it.

NOW. Here's the problems. It sounds like all the wheels bearing are GONE. I'll try driving it around a good bit and see if the noises clean up, but I'm worried. Are wheel bearings usually a problem on b13's?

Next, the engine is transmitting ALOT of vibrations through the chassis. Anything you guys knwo of I might wanna check to see if it's loose/out of whack?

Lastly, the engine seems to run ok, it cranks right up, but if you put a load on it <like driving> it bucks and shakes worse and worse the more throttle you try to give it. I've ehard vacuum leaks can cause this type of problem, so we looked around... Can't find any problems. COuld it be the mass air's had a rough life?

Any help is appreciated, guys. Thanks!
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