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My Nissans

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I loved all my Nissans. Each took me over 100k and they were very reliable. I owned three of the cars as used from my parents. I had a 510 burnt orange wagon- 1980, a burgundy stanza-1982, 1993 sentra xe (still going strong with 152k), and of course my red z31 (1986).
It is so true that you don't see these cars on the road or at many shows. My father loved the car but got too sick to enjoy it. He drove it 2 years and then only my mother drove it. She liked her Maxima instead. So it sat and sat. By the time I got the car in 1998 it needed some serious work. I started with the tires, then a windows out paint job, and the rims re-trimed & clear coated, and of course many hours cleaning the cars interior and engine.
So basically I am enjoying the car the way he would have. I also must give credit for how great the car is because I have had great "coaches" who know z's. The advice and ideas they have given me really paid off. Joining a z club was the best thing!
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