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Ractive makes a kit for your car man. It includes the adapter for the maf housing and it includes the filter and bracket- if youre interested I will get the part number for you tomorrow when I get to work, I actually have 2 in stock thatll fit your car, you really shouldnt leave the sensor hanging out, atleast try to jam it in the box so its riding around, if it touches anything on the outside of the housing its gonna trip your check engine light, I had a customer try to do the same thing your doing and thats what happened b/c he wasnt careful- Im not saying youre not being careful though- so dont take that the wrong way. I think there is a group buy going on for cai's though if youre interested. I dont know what page the thread is one though. How is akron doing this time of year? Your car should be running better in the cold. since there is gonna be just snow and no rain why dont you get a tube and run it where the stock intake was run- thatll give you cold air, go test it on 271, worked for me when I lived up there.
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