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Yea i didnt want to put all the pics right in here so i uploaded them to my site, so no one with a slow connection will get all laggy.

1996 Nissan Sentra GXE

Once winter is over im getting Motegi MR-7s, someone told me that the salt used to melt the snow can harm the finish on your wheels, if this isnt tru well mabey ill get them sooner. But we usually get a lot of snow so ill wait if i get no conformation.

After that i plan on getting Ground Control Coilovers and a deck(possibly sooner if my friend sells his old one.

From there i dont know where to go because i definatly think i could use a paint job the lady who had it before me never really took care of it although it only has 20k miles on it and i put about 6k on it there is already signs of ruston the hood on the edge by the wipers. it also looks like she tried to hide some other sopts with some sort of touch up paint that doesnt match... from a distance u really cant tell. But i dont know if i should wait to get a body kit first or to get the paint job first then the body kit and get that painted later and match the color. An help with this decision would be quite usefull. And if it looks like i plan to do alot to this car well because im prolly going to have it for a long time i mean it has less miles on it than my moms new 2k1 camry although her car looks nicer :(

i also was wonderin where i could find one of those aluminum spoilers for my car i know most are universal i was just wonderin whats a decent width for them i dont want my spoiler to be wider than my car that looks stupid plus, ive been looking and all of them are like 12" does anyone know where to get the ones that are like 3-4" high instead.

Performance wise I thought about it but i dont know if i should even put money into it because of the fact that its a automatic, i figured just drive this till its dead then get a new sentra 5 speed or mabey a spec v 6 speed :eek:) yum... but if someone can convince me otherwise plz do...

well thanks ahead of time

and yes i know the washer leds r illegal dont worry i keep them off pretty much all the time i was just bored one day and my friend had bought a pair for his jeep but the didnt go on so i bought them off of him... but yea ive got a toggle switch drilled under the dash.

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Get an engine swap/paintjob/rims. It's not really a "sexy" car,
so I wouldn't commit an assload of cash into it, so my suggestion
might be unacceptable. However, it could make an awesome
sleeper if the paintjob/rims aren't too wild. Are you still
paying for it? I'm not touching mine until it's paid off; then
an SR20DET, BABY! :D I'll leave the paintjob stock, even
though my god-daughter calls it "puke" green :( . I
think it looks good/adds to the sleeper "look".
PS: If you swap the engine, get a manual, even if you have
to "learn to drive a stick", (it's easy :)). Get Rota 15"
Slipstreams, Ground Zeros or Heliums, (Konig?). They,
(the slipstreams, 15X6.5), are fat as shit and are 2lbs.
lighter than stock steel 14"s. DON'T get a wing: even for
"show"; put a wing on a Sentra and you'll just be laughed
at. One last thing: don't get the "upgrade bug" unless
it's paid for first. This shit get's expensive.
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superfro86 said:
and don't forget the most popular "hooked up" import is a civic and most of them are powered by d16's and our car modded out vs a civic with the same mods on a d16 we would smoke that ass.
I've got a Civic delsol Si, (D16Z6), and my Nissan 200SX,
(GA16DE), is so WEAK compared to it, so I'll disagree with
that one. That's one reason why I was wondering how much
they weighed. It looks like the Sol's 100+ pounds more,
so it's not a weight issue. Maybe it's out of tune, I don't
know. Gets good gas milage, though. I'm not partial to
either "camp", but you sound like these Mustang d00ds :D.
I like Mustangs too, BTW, except for those Mustang II's.
..."arggh 15's", HAHA! :D My delsol's a Civic, listed as a Civic
by my insurance company, and has the same engine as an
EX; PLUS, due to Honda having to reinforce the chassis for
the targa top, I think it weighs more than your basic Civic EX.
I really don't know why, because the hp "numbers" aren't so
far off, and I never went past 4000RPMs before shifting; damn
thing's just got more low end ummph, I guess. Could be
the GA's intake/header restrictions, I suppose, but once I
get the SR20DET, the Nissan will ROCK, I'm sure. Plus the
"aftermarket" seems to support the SR20DE series alot
more than GA's.
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Chill out superfro86 , I know you like the bigger rim
sizes. And I know what you're saying. The GA's exhaust is
restrictive as shit; hadn't checked out the intake "situation",
since I'm hooked on the motor swap idea, and putting
money into my current engine would be a waste, IMO.
I'm sure, even with a "plain jane" SR20DE, the 200SX
would be equal, if not faster, even without add-ons.
superfro86 said:
yeah of course a sr20 series would be better. IMO this is the best 4 cylinder you can get. If i had the bank i would do a SR swap but for the price i could just buy a better car.
But, hey, man, add up the cost of an I/H/E for a GA16 and
you're "half-way there". I'm just "learning" on my Sol: should've
bought a B16/B18 instead of upgrading the D16. I'm
"beyond the point of no return" on that one :D.
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