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So, I have bought a 1999 maxima for my first car. it is the se, 5-speed, loaded with leather and heated seats and power sunroof, etc.

This is my first car, and im very happy with it.
I have found a couple small things I want to do to try to make it feel more my own and nicer and whatnot.

I was thinking I would...
Ebay a new center armrest (current is slightly cracked)
Replace the hydrolics that hold open the hood (they dont hold it up)
Get floormats (any to reccommend?)
Paint the wipers, some paint is coming off
Check and fix all fluids
Possibly replace the shifting knob (kinda worn)

Do you guys have any other suggestions, words of warning/advice?

Also, i thought these were pretty neat, anyone seen anything similar for a maxima?
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How are the headlights, are they all fogged? if so I would change them you could get the whole assembly for a pretty good price on Rock You could also get the hood lift supports there too, and the prices are very good.
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