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I started to notice when I let the E-Brake down the rear brakes bust loost, sometimes pretty hard but now they are stuck
Tried jerking on the E-Brake, tried jerking on the E-Brake and pumping the brakes and no go tried dirving back and forth a couple feet not too much though
Would it be ok to tap on the lever that the E-Brake cable attaches to to try to pop em loose.
I can see the drivers side is loosened a bit due to slack in the cable
any other suggestions?
thanks in advance

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same thing has happened to me twice now. Last year my cable froze up and I finaly got it loose buy laying under my car with a hair dryer. That sucked. It was coooollldddd out. This year my left rear caliper has decided to lock its happy ass up every time I use the parking break. My solution.... dont use the parking break.

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