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My car is overheating... is it my water pump??

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Hi all,

My car is overheating, and I want to confirm if my water pump needs to be replaced. Please see below:

- I had engine code P0115 – Engine Coolant Temperature Circuit. I replaced the circuit and the code went away.
- I had engine code P0325 – Knock Sensor 1 Circuit. I replaced this circuit and the engine code went away.
- I installed new thermostat.
- When I turn the car ON the car begins to overheat fast.
- The ventilator fans won’t turn ON. (I checked all parts for the fans and they are ok).
- One thing I noticed is that my lower radiator hose does NOT warm up, it’s cool to the touch, as opposed to my upper hose which burns as the car overheats.

I’m not sure if the water pump was ever replaced on this car so I think this could be it.
Please let me know your thoughts and comments,

If it is the water pump, what else should I replace while doing this job?


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Could be the water pump, but a plugged radiator or collapsed lower hose are both more likely. However, if it only started overheating after you replaced the 'stat, did you make sure the "burp hole" or "jiggle valve" in the 'stat was between 10 and 2 o'clock, and did you bleed the air out of the system? If not, there's a good chance the system is airbound and preventing the 'stat from opening.
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I might add the fact that when replacing thermostats always use a Nissan OEM component from a Nissan dealer. Aftermarket types like Stant many times cause overheating problems.
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