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Hi all -- new member here. I have a 2007 G35 and my son drives a 2011 Maxima. Let me just say that what you're about to read is a true story. You can't make this up.

He parked the Maxima outside a restaurant to run in and grab a to-go order. He left the car running, but wanted to lock the car. So....he slid the key out of the fob and locked the car manually from the exterior. He then slipped the fob into the car through the moon roof gap.

He came back to the car, unlocked it, and could not find the key fob. He turned off the car, and turned it back on again. The key is SOMEWHERE in the car because it turns on. No matter where you drive it, you can just slide into the drivers' seat and start the car because the fob is somewhere in the vehicle.

I have spent more than two hours searching the car on top of what he has already done. I have taken up the floor mats, removed the back seat, searched the trunk. contorted myself into a pretzel to look under the front seats. snaked a long screwdriver into the air vents under the front seats. I've searched the consoles, cubbies, you name it.

I'm at my wits' end with this.

My question -- is there a device that can be used/purchased to detect a key fob? I know it must transmit some sort of signal, so does something exist to detect that signal?

Thanks for reading!

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