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here she is:

older pics, when I first got it:

Old pics of my baby

performance Mods:
Injen CAI
Cusco Carbon Fiber Front STB
Cusco Rear OS Triangle Bar
Accell 8mm wires
Axxis MM Brake pads
OBX Short shifter
Redlyne MT-90 Tranny fluid
AMSOil 10w-30

Nakamichi MB-75 6-disc in dash CD Changer HU
MBQ RSC 216 Comp. up front
MBQ DXD 4x6 for rear Fill
soon to be installed once I finally get my wiring from Sounddomain:
2 Infinity Perfect 12.1's in custom enclosure
JBL BP600.1 Sub amp
JBL P180.2 Comp. amp
Lightening Audio 1 farad Cap.

Still Major debates.. but now it's lookin like:
Tien Type Flex Coilovers
Whiteline Sway bars front and rear
5zigen 60mm Catback exhaust
Hotshot headers
370cc 300zx injectors
JWT Cams
ASP Underdrive Pully
Spec stage 2 clutch
Possible 50 Shot of Nitrous (if I want to break 13's)
Then maybe some wheels.. but that is WAY low on the list.

The Debates I'm fighting in my head are to eventually Turbo the KA (Got a plan that would run around $2000) or Swap in an SR.. uggg... Maybe I'll wait to do that until I get another car.. I also change my mind about once a month

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very nice kept
are u sure you should use redline mt90 since it is gl4?
gl5 for rwd cars.........
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