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2 weeks ago my Altima felt like it was dragging while driving around 65-75 mph and up to 80 mph,normal freeway speeds here in East Texas,and the gas mileage started suffering,going from great to not so great.

My car has 149550 miles and figured it was the CVT going bad,even though since I've owned it for 2.5 years and have kept the tranny fluid fresh and all other maintenance up really well it started I sold most of my music gear and got the brand new CVT,and I was so happy when the trannsmission shop called and said it was ready,come pick it up.

Got to the shop in record timing 40 miles away,paid the shop their $3500,and was driving the car home and it did the same thing and still does it..dragging when accelerating from now about 40 mph and up to 70 or so,feels like the brakes are dragging,especially when I let up on the gas pedal,so I started thinking brakes could be the problem,so this morning I replaced both front rotors and good brake pads and still does the same thing.

Yesterday I did find a seized brake caliper on the drivers front and was so happy to finally find the problem and replaced it and did the rotors and pads this morning,and still the same..I did a little research and have seen a few posts here and there on Google from people saying that their throttle body was either cleaned or replaced and it fixed their problem,or others saying that it was the throttle position sensor (TPS) going bad and they had no codes ever..and my car has no codes,I even scanned it with my pretty good OBD 2 scanner and no codes or pending codes.

I am sure there are others here that have had this or similar problems,and have gone crazy trying to figure it please if anyone has any information please pass it on..I need my car to be like it was about 2.5 weeks ago,driving like a new car with no problems...I have already about sold everything I have to fix it,and running terribly low on $$$,and gas and car parts just aren't cheap !

Thanks for any information !

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Since you found seized caliper pins in the front brakes, check the rear brake caliper pins for seizure. As to your drive-ability problems, one of the first things to do is perform an ECU code readout with a portable scan tool to see if any fault codes are set. The tool can be purchased at most auto parts stores. Post the actual codes here on the forum so that we may be able to help you further. If there is one or more fault codes set, they can help point to the malfunction. If you have a copy of the FSM for your vehicle, the code readout procedure is described there along with a listing of codes. You can download a copy of the FSM from this web site: Owner's Manuals. The section EC.PDF is the one you need to read. Common causes for poor performance and bad MPG are:
  • Dirty spark plugs
  • Intake system vacuum leak
  • Dirty fuel injectors
  • Dirty MAF
  • Bad O2 sensors
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