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has this ever been done before??? any way i quit one of my 2 full time jobs and my dream of a turbo and my sig. 9.5 goal have been abandoned......:( so im going the cheaper route. is there such a thing as like a 12hp shot nozzle?? this will give my a 50 shot is i use one in each intake track! am i even close on this?? i'm relitivly new at NO2. if i could do this with a 12hp shot wouldn't it be safer on the engine to have this even distribution?
any way some one teach me!!!!

I've never heard of it but anything's possible. If your relatively new to nitrous, RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH. I believe the GA motor can only hold around 50hp or so max...anything more than that would need stronger internals, upgraded fuel, etc etc. I don't see the point of going direct port for that. Stick with a dry or wet....IMHO


And no the small D.P. that NOS carries for jetting is around 19/20. not sure of the actual size(ie .42, .52, etc etc)
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