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Muffler Silencer Question

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Hello All,

I just bought a 1995 Nissan 200SX SE-R. It has an after market muffler on it and it is very loud.

Here is a pic of the back of the car with the silencer in.

Here is a pic of what the car looks like underneath.

Here is a pic of the engine.

When I bought the car it had a silencer in the muffler that looked like this one.

Well the silencer fell out on the highway the other day! To be honest it didn't do that much anyway. Even with the silencer in the car was still very loud.

My question is, does someone sell a silencer that actually works or are they all the same?

If anyone can recomend a silencer that I can buy that will substantially reduce the noise I would greatly appreciate it!

Thanks for any and all help!
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Could just be a bad muffler bearing.
Just replace your muffler with an OEM style muffler; that'll quiet it down considerably.
Just replace your muffler with an OEM style muffler; that'll quiet it down considerably.

im with rogo, u dont need that much mufflerism.

I wonder too.


Excellent question.

I have an SR20det in my car, and the exaust is all 3", with a hollow cat, and a straight through spiral lined muffler. My car is the kind of loud that makes pedestrians turn around to see what's coming, and people in their yards with kids to give you the two hands up then down symbol that universally means, "slow down", when you're going 25 through their neighborhood.

I would LOVE for it to be quieter, and ideally without sacrificing a great deal of power/efficiency.

Does anyone have a 3" muffler they recommend to perform this duty?

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all aftermarket exhaust are gunna be louder, get a BIG resonator, i mean the biggest you can fit under the car, that should cut down on the noise alot.

Would a resonator be more effective towards the front or back of the system?
Summit Racing carries Dynomax universal fit mufflers with a 3" inlet size. These mufflers are fairly quiet but are louder then OEM.
poorman's sportcar gets poorman-exhaust

I have the same car, same problem as you, Qbart007, a very loud exhaust left by the previous owner (bullet exhaust, I think). everyone can hear me coming, speeding, shifting, mis-shifting(embarrassing).- For now, I wear earplugs when I drive, especially on the freeway.

At first I was going to order the, talked-about, Megan Racing NA Type Exhaust - Nissan 200SX (95-99) FestiveGarage - Racecar Parts for Cheap, Not Cheap Racecar Parts! 2.5in piping, 4.5in tip, 100% polish stainless steel, and most importantly, a built-in resonator and double layer silencer (whatever that means). I think its practical for $365.
But on ebay, I found, and just ordered, an even cheaper $215 generic catback that supposely has same specs as the Megan. A so-called "R-SPEC" brand.
eBay Motors: N1 CATBACK EXHAUST 95-99 NISSAN SENTRA/200SX 96 97 98 (item 220342303572 end time May-09-09 18:43:48 PDT)
I know ebay and generic brands is risky business, but no one has tried this R-SPEC brand for any of our cars yet. So I'll take one for the team, and be the first. So I'll keep everyone posted through this thread, once I get it installed.
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Try and find a used Greddy SP for your b14, you'll thank me.
Try and find a used Greddy SP for your b14, you'll thank me.
I'm sure I would thank you, if I could ever find one.
BTW guys, about "r-spec" exhaust, its crap. Im trying to return it. It turns out it is actually 2.25 piping with a 4 inch tip- and the piping bottlenecks down to 2 inches at the bend. theres wire mesh sticking out from the resonator- looks like a bird nest in there. and theres a wrong-size flange welded off centered that I cant fit a bolt to secure it.
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