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msd ignition

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has anyone got an msd ignition, or jacobs? I was just wondering how it performs with our engines- Im asuming well-lol. And between the nology and vitek wires- does anyone know offhand the ohm resistance of either of them? what is the resistance of the stock wires?:D
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look at it this way, for what the ignition costs, and the wires cost, if u dont have a heavily modded car ie. intake, headers, etc. all the bolt ons, dont even waste your time because u wont get a considerable gain in power and u can use that money for a bigger and better things....
I guess there's two ways you could look at that:

1) You could have your ultimate goal in mind. Mine being turbo and nitrous at the same time, for instance. :eek: From there, you buy the things you need to build up to it, like a stronger ignition for instance since this is an ignition related thread. Then when you have everything you need, you invest in the final modification and be complete.

2) Or go the never-ending cycle way that most people do (and I almost did) and buy a few parts here and there until they max out the performance of other parts, like leaning out the car because the injectors or fuel pump can't handle the fuel needs so you upgrade those. Then it turns out you need this, that and these as a result of your last upgrade, which in turn makes you need something else, and the cycle just repeats.

So I say if he has big plans for the engine, by all means go ahead and upgrade your ignition because you would eventually have to anyway. Like me for instance, I plan on swapping my auto for a manual sometime soon and I'm going to go ahead and opt for an ACT clutch and lightened flywheel and upgrade my engine internals to prep for turbo, even though I don't need it yet. But I figure I will eventually, so why not just be ahead of the game.
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nissanracer, did you read my signiture? Hello- Ive got an intake and header with an open exhaust, etc etc etc- Nitrous-yeah-thats why im asking about using the ignition. I was looking for an actual answer I could use.

Underdog, thanks man- that was kinda what I was looking for man. Im building a new engine with forged pistons and rods, valvetrain etc etc- Im using a 50 shot right now but I want to go to something HUGE, not to big though. Im building it for the turbo b/c I also want to use both, but for now Im going to switch to the injector plugs that holley just came out with for the wet system, then once I get the balls to charge up my card again Im going to install the turbo- Im basically at odds end though- Ive got more stuff on my car then is supposed to be on there. Except pulleys though. I went to colder plugs and I ordered wires through my shop and today Im going to order the sci box from my distributor- what I kinda wanted to know was if anyone has used an ignition box and obviously its better then the stock ignition, but I was comparing the brands. Good luck with your plans man
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I've used and still have in my garage the Jacobs ignition kit. It cut about a 0.3-0.4 of a second on my 1/4 with the zex nitrous 55 shot. I have an automatic so my assessment would be more accurate than a manual skilled driving. If I were to this over again, I would try the MSD ignition kit. Specially after reading Kojima's Review.
Which ignition kit is it that fires the plug multiple times on the power stroke to help all the fuel burn completely? I heard some of them do that. Is it even necessary?

UnderDog said:
Which ignition kit is it that fires the plug multiple times on the power stroke to help all the fuel burn completely? I heard some of them do that. Is it even necessary?
The MSD 6A is multiple......I used it for 2 years and since then I have switched back to stock.
Many people told me if was confusing the computer.
ok.. sorry if i missed anything, but there is no reason to mess with our ignition unless your car is pretty much maxed.. you dont need the vitek wires or anything like that because our car has been proven to run the best with stock NGK wires and plugs. you can run the msd 6a but i wouldn' t suggest it unless you are pushin a lot of boost or running a high shot of nitrous but then you better build your whole car. nissans make impectable ignitions and thus the reason many experience people in our field dont run msd or anything.. myoung and some others have the msd6a to give it a little spark but it is not necessary.
I think point 2 is clear about the multi spark thing
i understood what you are saying, but i am saying that you can put your money towards other and better things because nissan ignitions are very well designed. So in reality there isn't a point to spend a few hundred dollars on parts that aren't needed.
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