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Ok So I have b15 sentra with the stock cd player/stereo unit. I have installed a JVC mp3 cd changer but the problem is that its currently working through RF and I hate it because I can tell the difference in quality. I saw a connection in the back of the stock stereo that looked like if would fit the cable that connected to the RF unit from the cd changer in my trunk.

The question is.....Could I hook up this JVC mp3 cd changer to my stock sentra cd player? If not does the stock cd player support a factory cd changer? Its stock nissan stereo model cy018.

My goal is to listen to my music without the use of some RF unit because the sound quality sucks. I just think that its all a waste of money if you use the RF unit because I have aftermarket speakers and I always rip my cd's in 192 KBps or better.

Thanks in advance.
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