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90 Sentra, automatic. 128 k miles... throttle body

When starting the car cold it idles somewhat fast, not haveing a tackometer I am guessing at about 1000 rpm. When the engine warms up and is put into gear it drops signifinately to about( 450 rpm) in rpm lopeing, or surgeing ( going up in rpm 100-200 rpm)sometimes stalling. Starts up imediately.,

It has had the spark plugs and wires replaced, new dist cap. I replaced vacumn hoses that were weathered.

I had it running this morning and sprayed choke and carb cleaner where the vacumn hoses connected, replaced the hoses that the carb cleaner seemed to effect the engine idle, when I sprayed them. Seemed to help a little, replaceing those vacumn hoses.

I finally set up the idle till it would not sound like it was going to stall in gear. It is not dieseling when shut off.

Is there a EGR valve on this car, or a some type of a idle valve that I can check. Is there a procedure for checking, without a replacement of the parts?

There's more rust on this car than good sheet metal, I hate to put alot of money in it.

Runs great other than that!

Any other ideas.

Thanks Tom
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