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More Acceleration - Help Required

bahearn said:
How much more acceleration do want?

How much more acceleration can you afford?
Ok how much more acceleration -

Quicker than an Toyota Altezza-
I don't have to be faster - just quicker to 100Km
I'll look at all of the advice and what I can afford to do i will.

The mods i have done to my car so far are bigger exhaust and a cold air intake kit.

This is the advice i was given so far by various people. I am also looking for the most cost effective method with the least amount of damage to my engine - I'm not going to be racing my car
- I was told to use a 50 shot nitro
- get a haltech engine management system
- Increase the Injector size
- just get a turbo kit.

any advice would be a great help.

Oh the one important thing. My car is automatic.
Yes quite sad but true.

A pic of my car

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chimmike said:
quicker than a toyotal altezza? Hah! Good luck buddy. You're comparing your car to something with a whole lot more power... and RWD.

Are you sure your engine isn't a QR20DD?
Yeah - I know I can't be Faster - I just want to be quicker from 0 to 100 - 120km that's all.

I have access to an evo 5 so i can use that if i want to be faster.
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