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hi all

i'm Nuvie. i and my girl, Shanelle just got a 2005 silver altima SE-r she wanted one since she fisrt drove one a few weeks ago.she just had to have it.the red one she tested got sold so we drove 115 miles to go get this silver one. the dealership sold 3 05 SE-Rs yesterday. we got the third one. she has a long lineage of nissan family(mom and grandmom both have silvr 07 altima). my mom used to have a 91 nissan primera liftback(european) version of infiniti G20. my mom also owned a 96 maxima which my younger brother now owns. i almost bought a titan in 07 but i took too long and the model sale ended in april 07 so the price went up. now i'm into american muscle but i still love my nissans and toyota. i love the new maxima( if u pay any attention uu'll see i love big cars) my girl traded her white 04 civic for the altima. i traded my 05 cool vanilla(white) dodge magnum RT for a 06 silver dodge magnum srt8 2 weeks ago. so we both left white cars for silver cars

i hope i did not bore u guys too much, i'll post pics later.

now lets get to posting.
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