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Okay, well, I've fixed one issue with my 03 Pathy last week (had to replace the fan blower amp as the fan was stuck on high) - seems to be a common problem and everyone's help here was great!

But, all of a sudden another problem has popped up... my moonroof won't open simply by holding the toggle switch down. It will go about an inch, stop, and then you hit the switch again, and then go about an inch and stop... you get the idea. It should just open smoothly while either holding or just toggling the switch.

Is there a fuse or something for the moonroof? Any ideas on what I should check? I looked to make sure that there wasn't anything in the tracks or blocking the opening - nothing like that. Oh, and when it stops and you have to hit the switch again you can basically hear the motor kicking off and on.

Thanks so much!
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