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what i think i'll do is cut open the passthrough hole when u fold the seats down so it is the width of the space between the rear and get a rear strut tower bar to regain in chassis rigidity lost by doing this. i really thought about and noticed the passthrough hole for a sentra is a lot smaller that that of honda by enlarging the hole i can make a enclosure that slides through the back instead of through the trunk my bigger problem is that i want to get rid of the torsion bars but i fear this would cause a problem. the full weight of the trunk lid would be "in effect" without the torsion bars so when i finally get the electric trunk pop installed the weight of the lid could cause trunk to close right back and at shows,demostrations ect. a slight breeze would cause the lid to come down so i thought about converting the trunk so that its supported with air struts like a hatchback or other cars with better designed trunklid support systems but i'm unsure of exactly how to execute this so i was woundering if u guys have any ideas. the reason i want to do this is because i want the port to vent through the rear deck to hopefully increase spl and since some of the port displacement would be outside the box help reduce the area needed for the enclosure. and by the way the goals is 4 idq 10v.2's, 4 [email protected] 60 sq in of port (if not more) hopefully would get close to 140's on the new termlab or at least one of those systems that gives a "bass experience" u know the ones that if u get inside the car you will never forget it. like that time at slamsession i got in the back of a excursion that had a wall of 4 15 jl w3.
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