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I've been following this thread and it seems that, although there are only two that were looking for help, that having a central location would have been nice. What I propose is that we set up a mod-day over the summer some time at one location, member's house preferrably. I'd love to volunteer my place, but it's an apartment complex with few flat places for jacking.

Anyway, I've done this before and it's always been a good time to get the small things taken care of, nothing that takes longer than an hour or two to do. It's a nice chance for those that enjoy working on cars to come out and help fellow members (small fees are incurred based on specific mod) and everyone usually chips in for pizza or we could fire up a grill. I've gone to several and had nothing to do to my car nor had the knowledge to work on others, but got a chance to learn more about the cars and how to do certain kinds of work.

If y'all are at least interested in the idea, or have suggestions please post, maybe we can start getting dates and locations put together in preparation for when it warms up.

Hope everyone's doing well.

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Interested but it depends on who has what to install. We used to do this at Chris's parents' house and it worked fine.

I would also volunteer my garage but the driveway to it isn't level so only 1 car at a time. I'm also a little out of the way...close to 635 & i30.
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