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JMotorsprt said:
So what Nissan Filter Part # do we need to use?
Of all the things you have to ask...hehehe...give me a minute, I'll find the part numbers for the QR/QG/SR/GA. :D

Here they are:
B15 QR25DE: Part Number: 15208-00001
B15 QG18DE: Part Number: 15208-00001
B14 GA16DE: Part Number: 15208-55Y00(B14)
B13 GA16DE: Part Number: 15208-55Y00(B13)
B14 SR20DE: Part Number: 15208-65F00(B14)
B13 SR20DE: Part Number: 15208-53J00(B13)

Unfortunatley, I could not find a part number for the B15 SR20DE. If someone else knows, please post it! :)

I found all of this info at

21 - 21 of 21 Posts