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mitsu lancer

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believe it or not a brand new mitsu lancer fell to the stock b13 4 door. i shit you not.

sitting at a light on my home from work i saw a new lancer roll up beside me. i dont start races simply because my car is slow as hell. i have had my ass handed to me on several occasions. but i know the cars that i can run with also and i do so regularly. anyway i had no intentions of getting my feelings hurt tonight especially since my friend was following behind me in his 99 prelude. he loves to pick on the poor little ga. as the light turned green the lancer and i take off about the same time crossing the highway when he floors it, i saw the front end raise up and him looking at my car. so i did what i usually do and dropped the auto down a gear or two and off we go , we stayed side by side which surprised me (and my friend) until he missed a gear and i slid on past him, tach reaching around 5800-6000 rpm. i wound it out in third (i love that damn button on the shifter) and the lancer gave up. i couldn't believe it and i was driving. i honestly dont my car should have stood a snowballs chancee in hell. but it goes to show that you cant win if you cant drive even if you have a faster car.
my poor car needs some serious boost boy attention
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Re: thats can of hard to belived

MIRAGE560 said:
i have a 2002 lancer with weapon r intake testpipe and 2.25 exhaust i am doing 15.83 as my best to 16.36 as my worst in the 1/4 mile .there is alone one way this could had happen bitch ass driver ,chickdriver,auto lancer with a guy driverng it has no balls.even if it was a uto i can beat the ga16de any time .the lancer stock comes with 110 whp and the ca16de comes with 94whp stock.i am saying this because i have beat many sentra's with my lancer gxe,xe,se but not se-r.but my b12 will beat all these cars on the road when i get my ca18det swap next month.i even beat the new freaking civic si wagon pos.
u forgot to mention the ga16de, which has 115HP, 5 more than u, now i dont know about the torque and weight
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