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Micra K10 - MA12 Engine - HELP

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I have an '87 1.2 liter MA 12 Nissan Micra. I am in New York State and have just plain run into a wall in trying to get a part for this little engine. I am am need of a rocker arm for the engine and no one is able to get this for me or even locate a part number. I realize these were not sold state side but I am hoping that a good Canadian neighbor to my north can provide some info on where I may get this rocker arm, even a used one or 2.

I sure appreciate any leads or info anyone could send my way. This is a last ditch effort as I don't know where else to go from here!

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Hey, I live in Hamilton, On and I own an 89 2dr 1.2L .. I got an extra 2 engines and auto trannies along with an unnecessary amount of bits and pieces (2 parts cars worth) .. Lemme know if you need anything else.. If you want I can sell you an entire head assy with ~80k on it..
I am in Southern middle Tennessee with a MA12 engine in a generator. I may need the head do you still have the spare engines and do you have the head off one that is good to be rebuilt.
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