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Hey u guys i've posted a thread b4 about a B14 meet but i really meant to put an ALL NISSANS meet. I'm trying to start a Car Club consisting of only Nissans. Nothing Spectacular....NO Club Fees or contracts or anything, just a bunch of Nissans that will rule Miami!! LOL But yes i'm tired of seeing these "Honda" clubs and just wanna see a whole club of cars of nothing but Nissans. So if you're interested or have a nice catchy name then post it and maybe we can have a meet......:D

NIssan meet

Hey.. wassup.. man..

i am new to the site.. but not new to forums...
I used to have a 2001 VW jetta 1.8T...

my car was totaled.. and now i am in the market of getting a new car
.. so..
i am not 95% sure that i am going to get a SE-R..Spec V...

I like the design .. and the engine.. it is now faster that my VW..
that only did 150hp..
the only thing that i liked out of it was that it was turbo...

but if anything.. in due time.. my SE-R will have turbo....
on the Miami.. meet.. keep me posted on where you like to meet..
i have to wait.. when all the paper work goes through
but as soon as i get the car.. i will let you know...

i would for sure like to meet up...


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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