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Miami B14 meet???

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Hey guyz! Any of u in the Miami Area? Lets have a lil Meet! I'm planning to maybe make a lil Club called "Nizmonik or Nismonik" (Nismo.....NiZmo......Nizmonik or Nismonik) Preferably B14 Nissans or Nissans in General. Lemme know if u guyz wanna meet or something.......
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Whats up fellas

Anyone of you know who might have a trunk lid from a 93-94 SE-R? Im in Carol City
Hey MP, any news on the trunk lid buddy? :D
Thanks MP. I really want the SE-R lid. Later
Whos going to Moroso on August 10th & 11th?
Hey MP, are you guys meeting this Saturday on Flamingo & Pines? I'd like to meet some of you guys, maybe we can drive up to Moroso.
1 - 5 of 40 Posts
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