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Miami B14 meet???

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Hey guyz! Any of u in the Miami Area? Lets have a lil Meet! I'm planning to maybe make a lil Club called "Nizmonik or Nismonik" (Nismo.....NiZmo......Nizmonik or Nismonik) Preferably B14 Nissans or Nissans in General. Lemme know if u guyz wanna meet or something.......
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Sounds like a good idea. There needs to be more Nissans at these car shows in South Fla. I already have a car club (all different cars) WICKED IMAGES. If you have been to any show in Florida you have proabably seen my Nissan 200 SE-R.


Last show I went to was Import Showdown
what is your email address

I don't think I'm going to show I might race. If I don't race I will show.
1 - 4 of 40 Posts
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