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Miami B14 meet???

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Hey guyz! Any of u in the Miami Area? Lets have a lil Meet! I'm planning to maybe make a lil Club called "Nizmonik or Nismonik" (Nismo.....NiZmo......Nizmonik or Nismonik) Preferably B14 Nissans or Nissans in General. Lemme know if u guyz wanna meet or something.......
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yea the names isn't really important but i really wanna get a Nissan Car club around here in Miami. Got any suggestions of a name that has to do with "Nissan"? Well i'm in and out of Miami Lakes but i really live in Downtown Miami. I think i've seen u around in Hialeah.....But anyways got any other Nissan Owners that wanna start a club?
Well thats kool.....Any one know anyone else with a Nissan that wants to Join a Club? Any of you guys know about Bird Road On Thursday nights? Or Any spots that would be good to get as a meeting Area?
Yea i've heard about the towers up in Ft. Lauderdale? I think? Well i'm down for joining Flawless Performance. Do you guys come up with a logo yet? Windshield Banners? Decals? Lemme Know how you guys wanna meet and how to join this Car Club......I'm pretty much down for whateva.
Yea i'm down to join. I'll have to see what i'm up to on Saturday though. Friday night i was planning to run at Moroso.....They have Midnight Madness on friday night (6pm-2am $15 to Race and $10 to watch) But yea when's your next meeting if i can't make it on Saturday? Actually How long u guys plan to stay out there? I really do wanna come so i'll see whats up with what i'm doin on Saturday night. Lemme know whats up......
Yea i was kinda late......MY BAD! lol Nah i was coming back from my g/f's house which is down in Cutler Ridge so y'know how long that takes....Yea my Brother inlaw came along too, he drives a WRX w/ Blitz NUR Spec Exhaust, Blitz SUS Intake and TurboXS Blowoff Valve. But yea next time i'll be on time...I PROMISE! lol But yea i'm interested to see how the FLAWLESS decals are gonna come out looking, I'm looking Forward to Join. Maybe by Next meeting i'll have all 5Zigen Copse 5ZR rims on and drop 2" on Sprint Springs. The Towers was pretty thick that night maybe next time we could run a convoy down there.......Anyone know a good and cheap Mechanic that would put on some springs on for me cheap?
Fa-sho i'm ready for tha next meeting...I'll give u a call as soon as i get a hold on some springs ( hopefully soon...Riding at stock height just ain't tha same)Yo u put tha next meeting was on Aug 2. isn't that a Friday Night?? I thought u guyz only meet on Saturdays.....Anywho i'll give u a call soon. I also need a good muffler shop...I'm planning to go Duals so i need someone that could hook me up with a Str8 Pipe Dual Exhaust system. I'mma about to go and check check Caribe mufflers across tha street from Blitz b/c i hear they can do just about anything. Lemme know whas up........
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