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Hello again...
This time I need your help again.
When i shift to reverse gear, the fuse for my meters blows. There is still light in the dashboard, but the meters dosn't show anyting, nigther the reverse ligths. Nissan has changed the contact for the reverse ligths. What is wrong ? Does anyone know ?
The car is a P11, GT Turbo.

Thanks for your help

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When Nissan changed the contacts didn't they test the car out before handing it back to you?

Sounds like a wiring problem in the harness from the reverse switch to your reverse lights.

If you have a FSM, find the connectors between the lights and your tranny switch and see if you measure a short to ground (th the bulb removed since a cold bulb will measure as a short in and of itself).


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I went to my local Nissan again, and they found a wire, that was allmost cut over. That was the wire to the reverse ligthts.
They did test the car after they have changed the contact/switch, but 3 weeks after, the problem returned..... Bad luck.....
But now the problem is fixed :)
Thanks for you reply
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