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For those that don't know who this is, this is the owner for Nitrous Express. Me and a few co-workers were treated to a seminar on Nitrous, we learned a lot about the industry, using nitrous in racing applications, new products, etc. This man is very smart and is a really nice guy. We looked at a lot of products, I must say their products are top notch (a lot of you guys already know this, but for those thinking about getting a kit).

What I really liked is that all the hardware, everything in the kits is made and assembled in the US; NOS and everyone else uses stuff made in China and assembled in Mexico.

Also interesting is that they will make anything custom, and turn around is about a week! So if you want an intercooler sprayer or a carb plate special, they can do it. And he's a personal friend of the founder of NOS, which I found kind of curious.

Interesting fact: NOS doesn't even own a flowbench! Personally, that tidbit alone would make me never buy a NOS component ever (well that, and their stuff is made in China).

Well, that's pretty much it. I know I'm getting an NX kit (I was anyways, but now I am denefitely!).
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