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First and for most Merry ChristmaKwanzakuah. Have to be PC guys. :D

Well for Christmas I got / am getting Tein S-Techs and a set of GR-2's. Where should I get these installed? I don't trust myself, I'll do most everything with my car, but suspension with spring compressors isn't something I'd like to do.

What updates have I done to my car since last posting with you guys.........

Well, first, I get my tail lights in, they came all the way from the UK, and there are only 4 complete sets of these in the United States. I am pretty sure I've told you guys about my grille, I put fogs on my car recently, they were sooo hard to find. For those of you who are spoiled with your B and S series Nissans, the P series have almost no after market stuff for them, and high demand stuff is almost impossible to come by. So these fogs were awesome. I don't feel like posting all my pics here, so I'll just link you to

Upcoming stuff:

Well, I leave for Atlanta tomorrow (wish me luck fighting crowds at DFW sheesh) but the cool thing about that, is Atlanta drivers are literally the worst in the USA. I am going to hit junk yard there and get stuff I couldn't from Mazda/Nissan Heaven. (That place is godly though) So I am off for Black G20t seats, from and back, and black accent pieces. I haven’t found G20ts here locally ever, so I am pretty psyched up about this one. Might put a system in, might not, not sure yet. I am also working on getting E36 headlights to work in my P10. I am pretty sure I can pull this one off, and it would be all kinds of slick. :D For those of you who remember posts a long time, I told you guys I was going to DET this summer, well after digging around, and getting a blacktop DET with a 5 SPD and all the stuff to go with it, would cost close to $4k, so I decided to scrap that idea, and just get a BMW. So I'll have two cars. :)

Thanks for reading. :D

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