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I need to know if the only difference between the VG30E and the VG30DETT is that the 2nd one is on 300zx's and is twin the rest of the engine basically the same??? im trying to replace the engine in my maxima project car.

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the best way to understand the difference is to know what the code stands for.

The first 2 digits are the engines unique code. if 2 engines have the same two beginning letters, that means that most parts are compatable (SR20DE & SR16VE). If the first letter is the same, only some parts are compatable (QG18DE & QR25DE)

the second 2 digits represent the displacement in litres (VG30E=3.0L, KA24DE=2.4L)

after that:
D=dual overhead cam (SR20DE)
V=Varible valve lift (SR16VE)
i=fuel injected (GA16i)
E=Electronic fuel injection (VG30E)
S=Carberated (GA16DS)
T=Turbo (SR20DET)
TT=Twin Turbo (RB26DETT)

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Thank You

That was a very helpful description:) . So the difference is that its a DOHC, instead of a SOHC, and it's twin you think the engine mounts are in the same place and it would fit right in?? and the transmission?

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3rd Generation Maxima

Thanks a lot man... thats a nice maxima you have there...nice choice.
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