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Maxed out 370cc inj. at stock Boost!

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Well I have come to the conclusion that I am maxing out my injectors. I put down 246.9whp and 212.0 ft.lbs. on a stock pulsar t28 at 7psi. This is with 370cc injectors. I have a bored Stock maf with a 3bar JWT ECU program. I dont know where to begin. I dont want to go with 50lb. injectors just yet. I am waiting for the winter! What do I do for the time being??? Thanks and have a good one!
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I read somewhere that on a Bored stock MAF/370/FPR/ JWT 4bar program the T28 could run upwards of 275WHP near it's max.
I've just recently been told that JWT will send you the chip and you can swap it yourself. (It's supposedly socketed) I did my VW's chip numerous times so AS long as its socketed then it'll be easy. That eliminates the down time :) They do require a 500 core until you send back the old chip.
1 - 2 of 33 Posts
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