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Maxed out 370cc inj. at stock Boost!

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Well I have come to the conclusion that I am maxing out my injectors. I put down 246.9whp and 212.0 ft.lbs. on a stock pulsar t28 at 7psi. This is with 370cc injectors. I have a bored Stock maf with a 3bar JWT ECU program. I dont know where to begin. I dont want to go with 50lb. injectors just yet. I am waiting for the winter! What do I do for the time being??? Thanks and have a good one!
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This is on a Stock US SR20DE! I dont know if that makes the difference more understanding or more of a wondering? I definitly have to do something about it. Any input on how to cure this please let me know! Thanks
I was looking to go that route also! But wouldnt bigger injectors and Cobra MAF and JWT ECU Reprogramming with water injection do the same thing? I am just looking to figure out options! Thanks for your reply!
ryan: is your car the first to have the Fmax kit??? If so, how many miles are on your car now?

I have been talking to a lot of people about the water injection and it seems like a no brainer. But to have the water injection and the JWT ECU programmed for it, it seems like an expensive setup? I am not sure on the price but if anyone has that info(retail) that would be great.

I spoke with someone not running water injection at high boost and he said that he does not recommend it but it is something that can be done(with race gas). I plan on driving it daily and getting the most out of the car (longevity wise) so it looks like I will be doing this upgrade soon! Have a good one!
Zak: read the post a little closer. I am not saying that he doesnt recommend using water. I put that he doesnt recommend not using water at high boost levels! And I thought that was you Ryan, how is the car treating you? Hope all is well and thanks for all the info!
Yeah sorry about that! Well it looks like the winter is going to be project city. With a low budget and new technology, it looks like things are going to be interesting to say the least. I will definitly keep everyone updated! Have a good one!
your right. It is actually 285whp. The only problem with that is, it is almost 2 weeks for every bar of fuel pressure before you get your ecu back. That is why I am not into doing it! Thanks for your reply!
if my funds were there for stand alone I would do it. But I am stuck with doing JWT Items because of cost and ease of installation. Plus I need a car to drive daily and I dont have time to play with dyno's and charts just yet!!! Have a good one!
Thanks Mike for answering my post. I hope all is well out there in california. I will keep in touch after I do the test to see how much the car is reading for voltage. Thanks again!
Do I hear someone challenging Mike K. on this? I want to hear more. Thanks, sorry I havent checked the car out on this situation. It is pretty damn close to being maxed out if it is not! Thanks
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