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Maxed out 370cc inj. at stock Boost!

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Well I have come to the conclusion that I am maxing out my injectors. I put down 246.9whp and 212.0 ft.lbs. on a stock pulsar t28 at 7psi. This is with 370cc injectors. I have a bored Stock maf with a 3bar JWT ECU program. I dont know where to begin. I dont want to go with 50lb. injectors just yet. I am waiting for the winter! What do I do for the time being??? Thanks and have a good one!
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Here a quick fix to your problem make the stock FPR adjustable.

Note: You can only raise fuel pressure this way not lower it, I know your trying to raise fuel pressure though.
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Re: Re: Maxed out 370cc inj. at stock Boost!

morepower2 said:
Sorry I forgot to answer your post. The way to tell for sure if you are maxing out your maf is to measure the voltage of the singnal wire to the ecu when you are WOT in third gear past the torque peak. If you are pulling more than 5.1 volts, then you are maxing out the injectors.

Not true on the injector part.

The only way you can tell if your maxing out your injectors is by checking the duty cycle not the MAF sensor.
A listen here book smart.

It might so happen that stock 370cc max out at a equivalent reading of 5.1 volts to the MAF but this is not by any means the accurate way of doing things becasue.......... say if I had 400cc injectors and my MAF pulled 5.01 volts my injectors would be maxed out, no, my MAF would be maxed out NOT my injectors.

Apex SAFC monitors the MAF voltage as well and the Apex TT monitors A/F ratio or O2 sensor voltage which ever you perfer as well as a battery voltage indicator and either manual or auto turbo timer.
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